Behind the Scenes: Mendoza College of Business View Book Shoot

Back in January, Mendoza College of Business gathered a handful of their best & brightest undergraduates to be photographed for their viewbook.  My challenge was to figure out how to do a group photo and 7 individual portraits–hopefully capturing a little of each student’s personality–all within a limited time and all within the same hundred or so square feet.  It’s more exhausting than it looks, trust me!

We had luck on our side that afternoon as the sun decided to make a rare January appearance.  I was able to use the sun as a second light source and by varying my angle of view, use it to make different shadows highlights and backlights.

Notre Dame student Kai Gayoso was kind enough to edit this video of the afternoon’s shoot.  Though I have to admit I always imagined the soundtrack to my work would be the “Miami Vice” theme…

Matt Cashore