Through these doors…

I walk most places on campus. That does two things: Keeps me fit (ish…), and allows me to stumble on photo opportunities on my way between scheduled assignments. Sometimes over time, collections or themes start to emerge.

You may remember my fascination with cornerstones:

and license plates

So no surprise that one day I realized that–without purposely trying–I’d photographed almost every dorm door on campus. A little nugget of an idea formed that they might make a nice collection all put together.

A few years back when shooting move-in day I overheard a dorm staffer tell an incoming first-year student, “Welcome to your home under the Dome.” Hmmm… Clever little rhyme there. Our colleagues in the print design department did a nice design and voila: All 30 current undergraduate residence halls, from Alumni to Zahm.

This image is available here in four sizes at a special price. We also made each door available as a separate print–here’s a link to a gallery of individual doors

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering–I lived in Alumni.

–Matt Cashore ’94