McLachlan Lab Undergrad Brady Stiller Named 2020 Valedictorian

We are excited that Brady Stiller has been named the 2020 Valedictorian for the University of Notre Dame!  Brady joined the lab as a sophomore in 2017 working on the marsh project.  In addition to contributing to research during the academic year, Brady held a key role assisting McLachlan lab graduate student, Megan Vahsen, with her experiment at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center during summer 2018.  In Summer 2019 Brady led the effort to cross Schoenoplectus americanus marsh plants in the lab at a large scale with great success creating 470 crosses that produced over 1700 seeds.  For his work in the lab and the Department of Biological Sciences, Brady also earned the Outstanding Biological Scientist Award.  Congratulations to Brady on these wonderful accomplishments!

Brady hand-pollinating an S. americanus flower

Brady helping at SERC in 2018. L: Setting up the experiment R: Measuring S. americanus plants

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