Quant Camp

Jason coordinated Quant Camp, an optional full emersion short course on quantitative skills for early career BIOS grad students from all disciplines.

The goals of the course were to provide hands on practical experience in problem solving, to introduce best practices in scientific computing, overview of scientific workflows and project management, integrating models, theory, & data and basic concepts in statistics and probability.

Students learned about random variable, data distributions & disease on Day 1, state space models and ecosystem measurements on Day 2, and uncertainty and cancer on Day 3.  They also worked in groups to develop their own independent projects where they applied the quantitative skills they learned.

Other course instructors were Beth Archie, Alex Perkins, Stuart Jones and a call-in by Zach Schafer.  Incoming McLachlan graduate student Megan Vahsen was the TA for the course.

Here are some pictures from the course.



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