Go time!

A post from student blogger Brittany

As I progress in the MSPL program the realization of sitting for the Patent Bar Exam looms over my head like a dark cloud that I can’t get away from. Recently, our cohort had the pleasure of speaking with a former MSPL student that gave us great insight into how she prepared for the exam and the job search. She emphasized to us that we should take the Patent Bar prior to applying for jobs because in addition to the MSPL curriculum, it makes us that much more competitive. That meeting kicked the entire cohort into high gear as an email requesting study groups quickly followed. It is great to be surrounded by a group of people that push me to do my best and support one another. In addition to the study groups, I have decided to maintain a daily study schedule because I know there is no way in hell I can study for the exam in one week and expect to pass as did the former MSLP student above. Referring to my last blog post, you all know I have a few issues with time management so I would end up pulling my hair out if I only gave myself a week.

In addition to the study material that was so graciously bestowed upon us prior to fall break *insert side-eye*, the Patent Law and Prosecution course has been extremely helpful for preparing for the exam as well. During every class we have sample bar exam questions and the midterm consisted primarily of MPEP questions. You don’t know what the MPEP at this point and you should be rather grateful for that, but if you want to be a patent practitioner it will be your go-to guide for all things patent law.

So all in all, I’m pretty happy that winter is coming so that I can hibernate at home or in the library in order to get some effective studying completed and pass the bar before I start applying for jobs next semester. I can only hope that my frustrations during this time do not rear their ugly heads in my upcoming blog posts but just remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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