The grand finale

A post from student blogger Nicole

So I just finished my final presentation for capstone. Phew! What a relief to have that over, nah I’m just kidding, it was actually fine!  The presentation this time was more of a meeting so although I had to stand and give a PowerPoint presentation, it was more relaxed than the first one.  This time it was my job to provide client counseling.  I had to make sure that everything I talked about and wrote for the patent application was clear to my client.  I had to teach him all the parts of the application as well as explain why they are written so differently. The best part of my day was the positive feedback at the end of the presentation. Getting positive feedback is a great feeling.  Being told I improved from the first presentation was both comforting and exciting.  I have to admit I was a lot more relaxed and comfortable this time around and it definitely showed.  Some advice though, don’t be nervous.  These presentations and any you may have to give at your future job are going to be in front of people you know or just met, but everyone is only human and the fear of public speaking shouldn’t get in the way.  Because of the two presentations this year, I know that I have definitely improved on my public speaking and communication skills.

I have to say, another highlight of my presentation was being able to demonstrate the laws and understanding of a non-provisional patent.  In the beginning of the year, there were so many things I didn’t know and thought would take me a long time to learn.  Looking back now, I’m impressed with all the information I have retained about patent law.  It’s exciting to know that I can comfortably talk about the laws and explain them to other people.  A skill I didn’t think I would have quite yet, and using that skill with my client was the icing on the cake.  Working with a live client throughout this whole year was the best part of the program.  Overall this was a great experience and as much as I hated presentations, I have to admit I’m glad we had to do them for this program.  It is a skill you want to keep with you no matter where life takes you.


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