Day 1 – On the Road!

Day one of our journey to Saint Meinrad, IN was a road trip! After pilling onto the bus, we relaxed into a six-hour drive to Jasper, IN where our hotel is. We kindled friendships, wolfed down dinner, stopped at Walmart in Westville to stock up on snacks, watched and sang along to Moana, and even celebrated a sweet-sixteen birthday of one of our choristers.

Our hotel is comfortable, with strong air conditioning, which is excellent as Friday’s high temperature is expected to 93 degrees! After settling into the hotel, we met as our choir ‘families’ to greet our chaperones and build bonds with new friends. We then spent time in prayer and reflection during our nightly evening prayer where we sang and shared joys and concerns. Many singers were sad to leave home, but excited to visit the Archabbey and begin the recording process. Others were melancholy to miss siblings’ graduations, but were proud of their brothers and sisters going off to college and the work force.

Despite our chaperones checking in on us to make sure we were in our rooms at lights out time, we could not help but stay up a little later sharing stories before drifting off to sleep. We shared how much sleep we got last night as a group and most of us got 7-8 hours!

We are on the bus now headed to Saint Meinrad for our first recording session at the Abbey where we will focus on our Evensong for Candlemas.

Stay tuned for tonight’s update (hopefully a little earlier)!

Love to our family and friends!