Mark Wilhelm

Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm is Professor of Economics and Philanthropic Studies at Indiana Unversity Purdue University Indianapolis, and conducts empirical research on prosocial behavior. He is the Founding Director of the Center on Philanthropy Panel Study, a project that gathers giving and volunteering data through a module on the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. His most recent analyses of these data are about the intergenerational transmission of generosity, experiences of family instability/low income during adolescence and subsequent giving/volunteering in young adulthood, and the relationship between religious affiliation and giving to organizations that help people with basic needs. Professor Wilhelm’s other recent research is about empathic concern and moral principles as correlates of prosocial behavior, econometric work on the use of specification tests in censored regression models of giving, and experimental work on altruistic motivation. His earlier prosocial behavior research dealt with voter support for public assistance and help given within the family.