Professor David Richter


“The Sorin Seminar for Faculty was a fantastic way to learn about Notre Dame’s role as a Catholic university in the broader university system, as well as our history, mission, and formation. It was also an invaluable way to meet other faculty members from different departments who share an interest in understanding our past and our unique role in higher education.”

David Richter, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences


Tobias Boes1 Copy 2   

“The Sorin Seminar was a great way to connect with faculty from across the university and engage in a frank discussion not only of what we do here at Notre Dame, but also of why we do it. In the face of strong efforts in our country to reduce higher education to mere vocational training, university faculty need to articulate a shared vision of how we might nourish the mind and the soul. The Sorin Seminar offered an opportunity to do just that.”

– Tobias Boes, Department of German & Russian Languages & Literatures


 Yasmin Solomonescu

“The Sorin Seminar deepened my understanding of Notre Dame’s Catholic intellectual mission and its roots in the Holy Cross tradition. With its varied program of talks, discussions, and visits to significant sites on campus, the Seminar provided a welcome opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues from across the disciplines and explore our shared commitment to a holistic vision of higher education.”

– Yasmin Solomonescu, Department of English