Current Projects

Robson Project: an examination of factors which shape Cesarean procedures in the United States and Mexico. Students: Jessi Dailey, Victoria Toledo.

Cesarean Incision Decisions: an analysis of how structural and demographic factors influences what kind of incisions physicians in Mexico perform. Students: Chris Hernandez.

Latinx Obstetric Violence Project: an examination of how Latinx women in South Bend have experience birth, in collaboration with La Casa de Amistad. These women will create art reflective of their experiences. Students: Matt Kianpour.

Kenya Maternity Architectural Spaces (KMAS): a collaborative, interdisciplinary analysis of how hospital spaces might shape birthing experiences of women in Kenya. Students: Victoria Toledo, Kayla Bucci, Elizabeth Horwitz.

COVID Doctors: an investigation into stress and coping methods of physicians in Mexico during 2020. Students: Elizabeth Horwitz.