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Neo-Nazis on the march


Spinning things up

Seeing what’s inside







Rules like clockwork







Die-hard Liberal



Paying Homage


Emerging town




Martin Luther: A Catholic Fanatic







American hero



Revolution = Violence



The lawgiver









Bringing Workers Together





Politics as normal







Aristocrats at the polls


Karl Liebknecht at SPD rally


Alternative für Deutschland





Il Duce


Marine Le Pen – Front National


Liberal Welfare State



Against the Welfare State








Before Coeducation

Before Coeducation



“We’re glad you’re here”


Protecting America


Friends at the TSA



Defending America 1



Defending America 2







Two images of patriotism: Koepernick and protester



Protest at the Mexico City Olympics in 1968



At the Smithsonian







Anti-Vietnam War Protest






Hanoi Jane






















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