Welcome to the Liu Group! We create, manipulate, visualize, and understand novel quantum states of matter. Experimentally, we implement scanning tunneling microscopy, scanned Josephson tunneling microscopy, and single atom/molecule manipulation at cryogenic temperatures. Read more about our research

Past Research Highlights

Discovery of a Cooper-pair density wave state
X. Liu, et al. Science 372, 1447-1452 (2021)
2D materials for quantum information science
X. Liu, et al. Nature Reviews Materials 4, 669–684 (2019)

Disordered quantum anomalous Hall insulator
Y. X. Chong, et al. Nano Letters 20, 8001-8007 (2020)
Geometric imaging via functionalized probes
X. Liu, et al. Nature Communications 10, 1642 (2019)
Image-potential states and breakdown of self-doping in borophene
X. Liu, et al. Nano Letters 21, 1169–1174 (2021)
Coherent borophene/graphene heterostructures
X. Liu, et alScience Advances 5, eaax6444 (2019)
Borophene-organic heterostructure from selective molecular self-assembly
X. Liu, et al. Science Advances 3, e1602356 (2017)