John Caffarelli

Hometown: Libertyville, IL

Hall: Keenan

Major: Environmental Science/Pre-Med

Class: First Year a.k.a. Freshman

Discipline/Category: Road/Men’s B/Cat 4

Goals: Work on A grade upgrade, podium in crit and road race, represent ND at home race, no crashes

Pre-Race Ritual: Heavy dose of NeedtoBreathe on rollers+cycling motivation via Youtube = Victory Celebrations (see below)

Palmares: 2-lap breakway at Tour of America’s Dairyland (they never saw it coming) followed by 3rd in field sprint, 4th in Wisconsin State Criterium (22nd in RR, but we don’t mention that), 1st Place warmup sprint 2/12/17

Contribution to the team: Spring break itinerary, humorous emails, youth.

Life off the bike: Busy as an undergraduate STEM student, outdoors/nature lover, recognized food groups: grass-fed, plants, Italian, peanut butter

Victory Celebration: “Let’s just say Peter Sagan calls me when he needs ideas.”