Foreign Aid

To continue with our discussion from class today, this blog post takes a critical look at foreign in Africa as told by an African. The author argues that there are so many cultural issues that we have to take into account and things that westerners just don’t understand that as a result complicates aid. Moreover, the blog post goes into detail about the recent influx of Chinese aid in Africa and why this author believes that this aid is not the answer to the problems affecting the continent. She argues that African innovation can lead to growth in education, healthcare, infrastructure and capital which will then lead to economic growth.

Interesting Article


Four things entrepreneurs can learn from Denmark:

Aside from their colorful architecture

  • Teamwork
  • Non-Hierarchical Structure
  • Autonomy
  • Compassionate Management

Silicon Valley’s reality: The party is over

This is an interesting article detailing how the global market is hurting entrepreneurs and tech companies that are trying to find venture capital funding. As the market continues to tumble, many investors are wondering if Silicon Valley is overpriced. If determined to be so, expect a decline in technology company stocks and a tightening of lending to start-ups.

Investors and entrepreneurs celebrated success at the ninth annual Crunchies Awards in San Francisco. But irrational exuberance was in short supply at the end of a day, when Zenefits, nominated in the fastest rising start-up category, announced an executive reorganization.

The Valley is in the midst of a correction, and that is a good thing, said insiders. It has become harder to raise money, terms like “cash-flow positive” and “sustainable growth” are coming into fashion, and venture capitalists are doing something they haven’t done in years — they’re saying “no.”

Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Indian Villages

Here is a short BBC report on efforts being made in rural Indian village schools in Bihar. With roughly 70% of the population living in rural areas, non-profit organizations are attempting to encourage entrepreneurial values in young children to both jumpstart the economy as well as prepare them for the largely sole-proprietor driven community in whcih they live.

India: Encouraging entrepreneurship in village schools