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Some of the observations that “Financial Samurai” makes have questionable merit. (For example, he sings the praises of Singapore, which has a record of fairly serious restrictions of human rights.) In addition, simply speaking from the standpoint of entrepreneurial thinking, institutions, associations and organizations that are closer to the problems tend to be better at solving them than very large institutions or organizations, which cannot quickly pivot in response to errors, changing circumstances or new information.

That said, here you go:

Americans give record amount to charity in 2014

This really is an under-promoted aspect of civic life in the United States. I have had conversations with colleagues in other countries who have told me that there is no – or very little – culture of “giving back.” It is huge here, and not enough people know about it. word map

How I Got Mark Cuban to Help Me Build My Company

This is an interesting piece written by a high school entrepreneur who successfully pitched his startup to Mark Cuban.  In the article, the author/entrepreneur discusses how he approached Cuban and ultimately landed funding from the Mavericks’ owner.  Inc.ubator is a VC firm designed for entrepreneurs under the age of 30.  Please find the Forbes article and the website for Inc.ubator below.