Complying with AML Laws: Challenges for the Fintech Industry

New technology in the financial industry is changing how people manage their finances. They call this merger of the financial industry and technology “fintech.” Just in 2014, this industry has seen $12.2 billion in investments from venture capitalists. Popular examples include Venmo and Robinhood. This article explores the regulatory compliance these companies must abide by, particularly Anti-Money Laundering laws.

The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America

This article talks about a successful business started in America entirely by people who had immigrated to America. I thought you might be interested in this article because it raises some interesting points about the benefits to creating a business in America despite having not been raised here.

Immigrants Needed or Not?

These two articles lay out the debate going on in Silicon Valley concerning immigration. On the one side, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are claiming that there aren’t enough qualified Americans to fill open jobs. On the other side, Forbes cites a study saying that for the 7 out of the 10 top jobs H1-B visas are requested for there are enough qualified Americans.

Ways to Finance Your Startup

Here is an article about some obvious and creative ways people are funding their start-ups. I know that the last group talked about crowed funding which as an interesting alternative to the typical money raising methods, but I also thought this list suggested some other ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of and think you guys might find interesting.

A Quick Digest on the Potential Benefits of the Startup Act

Currently before the Senate is the proposed Startup Act, which would afford visas to foreign entrepreneurs, who hold a master’s or doctorate degree in a STEM field, that start successful companies in the United States. You can find a quick policy brief on the act here: Kauffman Foundation Digest: Startup Legislation

If you’d like to view the proposed bill itself, it is available here: S.181 – Startup Act