Build an Innovation Engine in 90 Days

I pulled this article after listening to the HBR podcast which featured the author. I thought it was an interesting application of Eric Ries’ MVP methodology in the context of a system/culture/working group within an organization with the goal of driving innovation. They mostly mention corporate application of this process, but i could also see it’s application in governmental units, law/service firms, and educational institutions, to name a few.

Patent law reform bill to stop trolls could also stifle innovation, critics say

This article discusses the supporters and critics of the Innovation Act, which is a bipartisan initiative meant to curb the strength of patent trolls. The Innovation Act would “require plaintiffs to disclose the owner of a patent before a lawsuit is filed and explain why they are suing, and would require courts to determine the validity of patent cases early in the process.” The bill has gained support from tech giants such as Facebook and Google but some Republicans fear that it will limit innovation. Opponents argue, instead, that more targeted action be taken rather than sweeping measures. Patent trolls are clearly a problem but the article highlights that the patent litigation rate is dropping.

Tragedy of the Anticommons

Two years ago, Michael Heller visited Notre Dame Law and talked about his theory, the “tragedy of the anticommons.” This article discusses that theory and notes that privatization in the field of biomedical research may effect innovation. Heller explains that “[a] proliferation of intellectual property rights upstream may be stifling life-saving innovations further downstream in the course of research and product development.” In the biomedical context, this paradox not only has high economic costs, but high social costs as well.