Affordability and Convenience

Here is an article discussing many of the concepts we have talked about in class. The article starts with a proposition: that “many new competitors in our market are not beating us on quality. They’re beating us first on service and convenience, and then on price. We’re not being out-lawyered in this market. We’re being out-customered.”

This is an interesting concept, and one that clearly parallels what Uber did to the taxi industry. The author first notes that the billable hour is on the decline, with flat rate pricing on the incline. This is where traditional law firms are being beaten on price. The author then notes that online services such as LegalZoom beat typical lawyers on convenience, as they are available 24/7.

Essentially, the author reminds us to focus on the new value propositions of the day: affordability and convenience. I think these two attributes are often lost on lawyers, but should be in the forefront of their mind, considering what the typical consumer values today.

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