2 thoughts on “18 Under 18: Meet the Young Innovators Who Are Changing the World

  1. This is a really motivating article. It would be interesting to read how these kids found their mentors. Mentorship is such a big part of being able to succeed and have someone to seek advice from when problems arise.

    • I agree. My most successful jobs and internships have been a product of my drive/curiosity but also my supervisor’s willingness to engage me in projects that will benefit me. My personal experience has demonstrated that mentors can be invaluable resources and learning tools.

      I know that the law school tries to foster a great deal of mentor-mentee relationships, both through the student body and alumni network. Thanks to networking events and activities like mock-interviewing, students have a viable channel to communicate with ND attorneys. Hopefully the law school does everything they can to maintains and foster these programs.