Lecture Notes – Dec 6th


  • Study guide for the final exam
    • One page, 8 1/2″ x 11″, front-back “cheat sheet” allowed for the exam
    • One half of final will be quiz style questions of which some will come directly from quizzes; other questions from the class notes. See all quizzes below.
    • One half of final will be code focused questions, e.g.,
      • Explain presented (pseudo) code, what is it doing
      • Find bug in code
      • Modify code to make it do something different
    • Suggestions on how to review for the final
      • Review syllabus
      • Review class notes
        • Give extra attention to terms, acronyms and ideas explicitly listed in the notes.
        • For Wikipedia links, review the intro and additional sections associated with the term listed in the notes.
      • Review programming assignments
        • Review code examples examples in the notes
        • Review the code you and your team wrote for the assignments
          • Hint: each team might conduct a code walkthrough for their team projects
        • Sample questions
          • Explain presented (pseudo) code, and what is it doing:
          • keyword = request.GET.get('keyword')
          • Find the bug in the following model definition and propose a solution.
          • class Recipe(model):
             id = AutoField()
             name = CharField(max_length=100)
             views = CharField(default=0)
          • Example provided in class