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Our research is on an inter-disciplinary study of fluid dynamics and functional chemistry. Currently, we have two research columns from this interdisciplinary research: luminescent imaging and chemical flow control. The targets of these research columns are in fluid dynamics, flow control, green energy, and biomedical applications. Representative one in the luminescent imaging is the pressure- and temperature-sensitive paint technique. It involves a wide range of research topics from chemical sensor developments, optical characterizations, and unsteady flow applications in various flow regimes. The chemical flow control is currently focused on chemical coating developments for anti- and de-icing applications (superhydrophobic coating) and on hair-like-structure surface coating (micro-fiber coating) for drag reduction.

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We consist of principal investigator, graduate students, undergrads, internship students, visiting scholars, and most of all: ambitious future talents with low experience but high enthusiasm. Our group is always looking for motivated students who share an interest in understanding @@@@. Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions.

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