Figure. Concept of ICE-WIPS.

ICE-WIPS (Hybrid Icephobic Coating and Electrothermal Heating Wing Ice Protection System) model was fabricated at Notre Dame and tested at the NASA Glenn Research Center Icing Research Wind Tunnel (IRT):

  • 3 NACA0012 models
  • Capable of testing different coatings/systems simultaneously
  • Capable of controlling heat at 6 different sections for each model
Figure. Icephobic Coating and Large airfoils.

ICE-WIPS Model demonstrated its feasibility in ice prevention:

  • Maximum power reduction was over 70%
Reduction rate of total power consumption of ICE-WIPS under various icing conditions.

Key Person

ICE-WIPS was a joint project between the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Kanagawa Institution of Technology (KAIT), NASA Glenn Research Center, and the University of Notre Dame. The project period was April 2016 to March 2018 (Contract #:17APHM-014218).

Figure. Project Member of IRT Testing.
Figure. Figure. ICE-WIPS is a joint project of JAXA, KAIT, NASA and UND.

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