Pressure- and Temperature- Sensitive Paint for High Speed Flow


Figure. (a) Electro-microscope photograph of an anodized-aluminum surface (b) AAPSP model
  1. A temperature-cancellation method for anodized-aluminum pressure-sensitive paint (AAPSP) gives time-resolved pressure maps in a hypersonic flow.
  2. The developed AAPSP was demonstrated in the Mach 7.1 Hypersonic and High Enthalpy Wind Tunnel at The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus.
    • Characteristic pressure patterns of shock-shock interaction and Gortler vortices were captured  by AAPSP.
  3. Surface temperature increase due to aerodynamic heating can be captured by AATSP.
      • Time-resolved temperature maps including Gortler vortices were captured  by AATSP.

Demonstration of Pressure Measurment (Cancelling AAPSP)

Demonstration of Temperature Measurment (AATSP)

Key Person

Currently this topics is done by Tatsu, Daiki, and Joe.

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