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Greetings from the Office of Student Employment!

As we continue to work through next steps related to the University’s COVID-19 response, we want to take this opportunity to address our student workers. These students provide important services to our offices, and their compensation is often integral to how they pay for their Notre Dame education.

With that in mind, we are encouraging all departments to make remote work available, if possible, for current student workers. This will not be possible in all cases, but we ask for your creativity in trying to make this option available.

Our current policy for student workers is as follows:

Undergraduate Students:

  • No undergraduate students may work on campus.
  • No undergraduate students will be allowed on campus to perform research. Department chairs/PIs should make efforts to reformat the research to be done remotely, if possible.
  • Undergraduate students who were not employed prior to spring break are not eligible to begin new work (this is consistent with HR policies around the hiring freeze as well as the practical issue of processing I-9’s).
  • Undergraduate students can work remotely if a department has a need for the work and the student chooses to work.
  • The employing department will be responsible for paying the students’ wages, per usual practice.
  • Student workers are responsible for entering their hours in Ultratime and supervisors must verify the accuracy of the entered hours. If a student worker does not have online access to Ultratime, this access can be established by contacting Payroll Services at or 631-7575.
  • Non-Notre Dame undergraduate students are either temp or part-time employees and must follow guidance from HR.

Graduate Students:

  • Research Assistants should continue to work on their projects and continue to be paid. There are many activities that can continue if physical access to labs is not possible, including manuscript writing, data analysis, etc. Students should be in contact with their faculty/Principal Investigators for guidance.
  • Teaching assistants should be teaching via distance and should continue to be paid.
  • Graduate students on fellowship/stipend will continue to receive their stipend.
  • Graduate students with hourly jobs can work remotely if a department has the need for the work and the student chooses to work.

There will be situations where remote work is possible but the student decides not to continue working, we ask that you let the Student Employment office know of these “vacancies”. Because there may be situations when a student wants to work and needs the resources to support themselves, but cannot because the job they previously performed cannot be performed remotely. In these situations we’ll encourage them to find another “vacant” student job.

If the student finds themselves in the situation where:

    1. their existing student job is unable to be completed remotely, and
    2. they cannot find another “vacant” student job,

then the student can reach out to the Office of Student Employment at to see if they might qualify for wage replacement. Consideration for wage replacement will be given to students who have a demonstrated pattern of work and who demonstrate a certain level of financial need.

The above policies were developed jointly with representatives from the Enrollment Division, Student Affairs, Finance Division, Human Resources, Graduate School, ND Research and General Counsel. This policy will be noted on the site and will be communicated to Undergraduate and Graduate students via a newsletter from the Division of Student Affairs.

For questions regarding these policies, please reach out to one of the following individuals:

Yolanda Teamor, Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid or 631-5119

Jason Little, Associate Controller or 631-3579

We hope this information allows you to move forward with your decisions on student employment. Please note this email will also be sent to Business Managers and Student Worker Supervisors; however, please forward as appropriate.

Student Employment

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