Recruitment Corner – Referrals

Even through a hiring freeze, we continue to reach out to talented people to chat about how great it is to work with Development at Notre Dame! Strengthening our pipeline of engaged and qualified professionals empowers us to hire the best people – fast – once we get the green light to hire again. Help us bring more talented people into the fold: we’d love your referrals!

Tara Gilchrist is trying something new to make referrals easier for you & those you refer, especially as more people become impacted by economic uncertainty in the days ahead. Share this Calendly link with anyone you think would be great for Development. They’ll be able to easily schedule a 30 minute call directly with Tara.


  • Easy: No introductory email needed, no need to create or send a resume, no communication delays.
  • Engaging: They will chat directly with the key recruiter – a real live person!
  • Shareable: Your referrals can share it with anyone they think would be interested in working in Development as well.
  • Extra shareable: Feel free to share the link with your networks however you like (in email signature, LinkedIn or other social media, text, carrier pigeon, etc.).


You are still welcome to shoot Tara a note or an introductory email to someone you’d like to refer! This link is just an additional tool to make these connections easier. Please feel free to reach out to Tara directly if you have any questions at In the meantime, here is the raw link:

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