Remember to Complete ND Voice 2022

Dear friends and colleagues,

Huge and heartfelt thanks to the 68.3 percent of you who have, to date, completed the ND Voice survey! With five working days remaining to submit feedback, I hope to see 100 percent participation ahead of next week’s March 22 deadline. At a bare minimum, we must exceed our 2019 participation rate of 95 percent. If you have not already done so, please complete the survey at your earliest convenience.

To help encourage our division’s ND Voice participation, as in previous years, we will have a friendly competition amongst the teams that comprise our division. Every team that achieves 100 percent participation will be entered into a draw to receive a meal (breakfast or lunch) or a happy hour. Several teams have already reached the 100 percent goal, so please ensure you are doing your part to help your team and, ultimately, our division’s success rate. As always, I remain forever grateful for all that you do for Our Lady’s University!

Best, Lou.

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