Thrive! Presents: Capitalizing on Your Work & Relationships with the Predictive Index

Wouldn’t work-life be easier & more effective if we understood what motivates our behavior, and our colleagues’ behavior? The Predictive Index is a behavioral assessment that assists in making our work & working relationships more strategic and effective. Participants will review their results, and how to put them into action during this interactive & reflective session. *Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 9. Participants need to have the assessment completed before Sunday, March 13 by 5:00 p.m. to receive their results electronically to review during the session on Monday, March 14th, from noon to 1:00 pm.

Complete eNDeavor Review Process Through Step 2

It is nearing the time of year when performance reviews need to be completed. To keep on track, this is a quick reminder for all employees and managers to pop into eNDeavor in the near future and ensure you have completed the review process through Step 2.

The HR deadline to complete all Endeavor reports is May 13th. You may click below for additional information about how to complete each step.
It is recommended that by now everyone would have completed steps 1 and 2 and have met with their managers about how they are progressing with their expectations.
– From your Resource Strategy and Administration team

Prepare for Delays at SBN

Travelers at the South Bend International Airport should expect longer wait times as new 3D scanners get installed at TSA checkpoints.

While those new scanners are being installed only one screening lane will be open for passengers with carryon bags until Friday, so travelers are encouraged to check their bag if possible to get through the line easier, and arrive at least two hours before their flight leaves.

The airport has also opened at 3:45 am to allow enough time for travelers heading out with morning flights.

The installation of the new machines is expected to be complete Friday afternoon and normal operations to resume are expected to resume Saturday.

Pay Rates for Student Employment

Greetings from the Office of Student Employment,

The University seeks to ensure consistent compensation and employment practices for every student working on campus. In an effort to retain, reward, and provide equitable pay to our student employees, we have instituted a new starting pay for all hourly student positions.

Effective May 1, 2022, the new University starting rate for hourly student positions will be $11 per hour. Positions requiring pay above $15 (e.g., special training or skills) must receive approval from the Office of Student Employment. Please provide a brief job description when submitting these jobs.

If your department has the funding and you wish to increase your student worker rates sooner, you can use the Student Jobs Hiring Tool at this time.  If you have a large number of students you would like to change, please email Student Employment at for additional guidance.

This change provides departments an opportunity to pay students a more competitive rate with the local job market based on their responsibilities and performance. We hope you share our enthusiasm in acknowledging the work that our student employees do.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed in this communication, please contact the Office of Student Employment at

Office of Student Employment

True to Her Name Recognition Event

Planning efforts are well underway for the True to Her Name recognition event to be held on campus on April 23, 2022. Invitations were launched on February 23rd to qualifying benefactors. For reference, the event website is accessible at this link.

As a reminder, the list of invitees is available here, and fundraisers are encouraged to follow up with benefactors in their portfolios to encourage attendance at the April 23rd event. Though the stated RSVP deadline is March 18th, please know that we will continue to accept reservations from benefactors beyond this date and encourage fundraisers to continue to follow up with benefactors who have not yet responded.

An updated RSVP list may be accessed here. Note, updates to the RSVP google sheet are made manually once a week on Tuesdays by the end of the business day.

In the coming weeks, we will share a link for Fundraisers to confirm their attendance.

Please contact Tory Grimes or Mary Fisher with any questions in the interim.

UR March Birthday

Happy birthday to all our UR employees celebrating their special days in March! We’re lucky to work with you!

3/1 – Brooke Wenzel
3/1 – Caitlin Olivier
3/1 – Kevin Nugent
3/2 – Juliana Newbill
3/5 – Kirt Bjork
3/14 – Dennis O’Brien
3/14 – Mayuri Changede
3/16 – Chris Liberto
3/17 – Lana Taylor
3/18 – Deena Chamberlin
3/18 – Indi Jackson
3/21 – Caitlyn Clinton
3/21 – Rosie McDowell
3/22 – Jennifer Koebel
3/23 – Linda Klaybor
3/24 – Leslie Curry
3/25 – Matt Weldy
3/29 – Elizabeth Sommers
3/30 – Chau-Ly Phan

No In-Person 2022 Spring Wall Street Events in New York

Hello, everyone,

Please find the communication below that was sent to Notre Dame alums in financial services who would typically receive a formal invitation to the Wall Street Dinner. Please note from Shannon’s letter that, in lieu of this Spring’s lunch and dinner, there will be a formal sit-down dinner as part of the September 13 Notre Dame Investments Conference in New York. Details will be provided as the date draws nearer. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to let me know.



Dear Notre Dame Family,

I hope this finds you well. There is great energy on campus among our students with the semester well underway.

On behalf of Notre Dame and the Wall Street Leadership Committee, I am disappointed to share that our Spring Notre Dame Wall Street Dinner, scheduled for March 21 in New York, will not take place as scheduled. As you might imagine, COVID-19 has presented a number of significant challenges to hosting an event with the quality and attendance we have all come to expect. We are happy to share that we will host a Wall Street Dinner in New York on September 13 as part of the biennial Notre Dame Investments Conference. Please mark your calendars.

Please know how grateful we are for all you do for Notre Dame, especially for the mentorship and support you have created and grown on Wall Street and in financial services for our students and alumni. I look forward to being with you again soon.

In Notre Dame,

Shannon Cullinan, Executive Vice President