Upgraded Parking Lot Readers and IU Med School Lot Update

Hi, everyone.

As the campus transitions to the upgraded parking lot card readers, accessing the parking lots across campus will be adjusted. With the new access readers, you will be able to use either your Irish1Card or one of the new enhanced parking tags to access lots for which you are authorized.

While parking hangtags are valid through August of 2023, you can go to Parking Services in Hammes Mowbray Hall to get an Enhanced Hang Tag (EHT) parking permit.

Please note:

  • Parking lot designations will not change – the lots (Grace, Joyce, Wilson, etc) have the same designation (“B”).
  • The new card readers will establish parking lot access based on whether people are authorized to use a specific lot (ex. “B” tags can access “B” lots, etc).
  • You can find out more about Faculty/Staff parking on campus here.

Of special note for Development staff at Eddy Street, access to the IU Med School lot is no longer available. The upgraded readers are being installed in this lot shortly and once completed, the only group with authorized access to this lot will be staff working in the IU Med School or in Harper Hall.

If you have been parking in the IU Med School lot (on the corner of Napoleon St. and Notre Dame Ave), you will now be required to park in the Eddy Street garage. If you are a tenant of the Eddy Street Office you should have parking garage access. If you do not have access to the parking garage, please contact me so we can get that taken care of for you.  A quick reminder that in the Eddy Street garage, Development staff must park above the “bump” 1st-floor ramp.

Lana Taylor

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