Feb 21

Orlando Olivas-Gomez receives the 2022 Browne Award

Cornelius P. Browne served as the director for the Nuclear Structure Lab for nearly thirty years. Through his hard work and dedication he steered the lab through the most successful period in its history. In honor of Dr. Browne this award is presented annually to an outstanding Nuclear Physics graduate student who has exemplified Professor Browne’s work ethic.

The 2022 Cornelius P. Browne Memorial Award in Nuclear Physics is shared between two graduate students. Orlando Olivas-Gomez was recognized for his work on searching for branching points in the p-process nucleosynthesis path. In his thesis Orlando measured (p,γ) reactions in the A=100 mass region. The goal of his work was to identify nuclei in this region for which within the p-process temperatures, the competition between the (γ,n) and (γ,p) reactions determines the nucleosynthesis flow. He confirmed that 111In is a branching point in the reaction flow.

Orlando is the third graduate student in the history to receive all three of the awards: the Larry Lamm Award, the Cornelius Browne Award and the Kaneb Center Outstanding TA Award. The previous two people to reach this goal were Daniel Robertson and James deBoer.