BIPOC Playwrights

African American Playwrights

  • Baldwin, James. Blues for Mister Charlie.
  • Baraka, Amiri. Dutchman.
  • Childress, Alice. Wedding Band , A Love Story in Black and White.
  • Cleage, Pearl. Flyin’ West.
  • Hall, Katoria. Hurt Village.
  • Harris, Aleshea. What To Send Up When It Goes Down.
  • Holter, Ike. Exit Strategy.
  • Jacobs-Jenkins, Branden. Appropriate.
  • Kennedy, Adrienne. Funnyhouse of a Negro.
  • Nottage, Lynn. Ruined.
  • Parks, Suzan-Lori. Topdog/Underdog.
  • Rankine, Claudia. The White Card.
  • Sanchez, Sonia. The Bronx is Next (one act).
  • Sibblies Drury, Jackie. Fairview.
  • Wilson, August. Fences.
  • Wolfe, George C. The Colored Museum.

Indigenous Playwrights

  • Bates, Jaisy (Longhouse Huron, Algonquin). The day we were born.
  • Grasl, Jason (Blackfeet). Lying with Badgers.
  • Studi, Delanna (Cherokee). And So We Walked.
  • Ramirez, Vickie (Tuscarora). Smoke.
  • Reinholz, Randy (Choctaw). Under a Big Sky.
  • Sayet, Madeline (Mohegan). Where We Belong.

Latinx/Latine Playwrights

  • Cortiñas, Jorge Ignacio. Tight Embrace.
  • Cram, Cusi. Lucy and the Conquest.
  • Cruz, Migdalia. Fur.
  • Hudes, Quiara Alegria. Water by the Spoonful.
  • Machado, Eduardo. Broken Eggs.
  • Moraga, Cherrie. Heroes and Saints.
  • Rivera, Jose. Cloud Tectonics.
  • Sanchez Scott, Milcha. Roosters.
  • Svich, Caridad. Tropic of X.
  • Solis, Octavio. Lydia.

Asian-American Playwrights

  • Cho, Julia. BFE.
  • Hasu Houston, Velina. Tea.
  • Kondo, Dorinne. Seamless.
  • Quintos, Floy. St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos.
  • Son, Diana. Stop Kiss.

Arab-American Playwrights

  • Akhtar, Ayad. Disgraced.
  • Dohrn, Zayd. The Profane.
  • Khoury, Jamil. Mosque Alert.
  • Mansour, Mona. Urge for Going.