Balfour Student Board

The Balfour Student Board (BSB) aims to uphold the BHSP pillars of leadership,
service, and intellectual engagement by fostering community between and within cohorts
through programs, events, and workshops in order to expand the presence of Balfour on the
ND campus and beyond.

The current leadership team in the BSB consists of:

  • Presidents: Indy Brown/Tajae Thompson
  • VPs: Aidee Barajas/Shirley Gonzalez
  • Secretary: Nathaniel Ho
  • Treasurer: Hawraa Al Janabi
  • Academic Commissioners: Felisher Ongera/Jordan Anderson
  • Service Commissioners: Kimberly Marfo/Jasmine Abass
  • Social Events Commissioner: Eno-Akyie Ennin
  • 5th Year Representative: Federico Hita
  • Senior Representatives: Banafo Abbeyquaye/Aysha Gibson
  • Junior Representative: Stephanie Acosta Ruiz
  • Sophomore Representative: Thalia Grant/Cristian Leon

For more information on the BSB including descriptions of every role, election procedures, disciplinary actions and more please see BSB Bylaws.