A series of peer-reviewed articles that evolved from our work was published in a special issue of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education (Vol. 37/1 in May, 2018). The full issue is available here, and select articles below:

Independent Boards of Trustees at Catholic Colleges and Universities, Fifty Years Later: Findings and Reflections from Six Holy Cross Schools, by Bernard Prusak. (pdf)

Institutional Commitment to the Catholic Social Tradition: Implicit or Explicit, by Kathleen Mass Weigert, Kurt Schlichting and Jay Brandenberger. (pdf)

Engaging Mission: Applying the Catholic Social Tradition to Investing in Licensing, by Bill Purcell and Margarita Rose. (pdf)

Confronting the Labor Problem in the Catholic Higher Education: Applying Catholic Social Tradition in and Age of Increasing Inequality, by Joseph Macartin. (pdf)

Engaging Faculty Around the Catholic Social Tradition: An Analysis of Practices and Outcomes for Catholic Higher Education, by Erin Brigham and Kathryn Getek Soltis. (pdf)

Catholic Social Teaching in Their Own Words: Oral Histories of College Students Learning CST, by Michelle Nickerson and Harry Dammer. (pdf)

Assessing Student Learning about the Catholic Social Tradition: A Validated Rubric, by Tara Hudson, Heather Mack, Jennifer Reed-Bouley and Margarita Rose. (pdf)

Additional Publications by Project Collaborators

A reflection on our initiative in Commonweal, by Bernard Prusak

Article on the development of a CST rubric, by Heather Mack