Current Projects 2020


CST Alumni/Alumnae Project

This work is dedicated to examining what the alumnae/alumni of Catholic colleges and universities have learned about the Catholic social tradition. What can alumni/ae teach our institutions about building, modifying, or sustaining opportunities in the development of what might be called Catholic social learning? How can such understanding help current college educators foster the creation of a hope-filled future that enables students and graduates to more fully integrate CST into their lives?

We will address such questions first through qualitative research, interviewing graduates of our home institutions. We will integrate existing and new empirical research in this domain. Our outcomes will include articles in academic journals and Catholic publications, including concrete ideas and recommendations to share with institutions about what more can be done to instantiate CST in their structures, procedures and practices.

Contact Kathleen Maas Weigert for more information.

Edited Book and Campus Presentations

Jennifer Reed Bouley and Bernard Prusak are editing a book entitled Catholic Higher Education in Light of Catholic Social Thought: Critical-Constructive Essays. The book is under contract with Paulist Press and scheduled to be published in spring 2022. The volume will provide resources for faculty and staff development and board formation. Chapters will apply the lens of Catholic social thought to various dimensions of the enterprise of Catholic higher education in the United States: for example, changing student demographics, the ecological crisis, race and inclusion, and the role of the liberal arts. 

Contributing authors are available for campus presentations on their topics of interest. Please contact Jennifer or Bernard for more information