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Looking at IPEDS Starter Reports

Did you know you have the ability to see how Notre Dame is doing in comparison to other higher education institutions via IPEDS datasources available on dataND?

The Office of Strategic Planning & Institutional Research (OSPIR) submits Notre Dame data to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) on several topics each year. Once released from IPEDS, OSPIR downloads and processes the data for peer comparison analyses. If you are interested in exploring this data, you can use the new dataND Starter Reports to examine it on your own. Below are a few we recommend to get you started, but feel free to explore more:

Be sure to click “Open Starter Report” to launch the report. 

Starter Reports utilize the Tableau web interface. If you aren’t familiar and would like more information on how to interact with these reports, please contact the Enterprise Data & Analytics team.

The Student Enrollment Collection is Live!

The Student Enrollment Collection is officially available. Rolled out in December 2022, this collection was curated for easy access to reports looking at student and instructor data.  

Answers to common questions are now answered in just a few reports!

Reports were created based on common queries of the Office of the Registrar and Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research.  Road Shows were held in November and December 2022, both in person and virtual, for every college on campus, with department chairs invited to each.

What is available to see today?

  • There are 5 Reports based on Student Data: Low Enrollment, Curricula Totals, Graduate ND, Class Search, AdHoc.
  • There are 3 Reports based on Instructor Data: Teaching Activity, Class Instructor History, Instructional Productivity.

What is still in development?

  • Reports that consolidate several end-of-semester grading reports.
  • Reports to assist in review of potential graduates (credit hour completion).
  • Reports that view data over time, based on ‘milestone’ snapshots. These will be helpful when viewing data changes over a period of time.
  • Datasets to allow users to write their own reports.

The Notre Dame Metrics Collection

This collection of reports provides a broad look at the metrics related to our University-level strategic goals.

  • The collection includes 82 reports with over 190 individual metrics from more than 60 sources on a wide variety of subjects.
  • These reports can be instructive in examining the University’s progress toward goals and in your own decision-making.
  • Categories include Stewardship, Undergraduate Education, Research and Scholarship, Catholic Character, and External Engagement.

Featured Reports from the Notre Dame Metrics Collection

The following reports showcase key data points related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. They answer questions such as: Has the percentage of enrolled undergraduates increased or decreased over time for a specific race/ethnicity group? How does the percentage of female tenure/tenure-track faculty at Notre Dame compare to those at other institutions?