The Class

Drunk On Film® examines the impact of the media on student alcohol use and abuse.

“The class is called Drunk on Film. Course number 30635. Subtitled: The Psychology of Storytelling with Alcohol and Its Effects on Alcohol Consumption. It is offered through the departments of psychology and film, television and theatre (FTT). It meets once a week for two and a half hours. Via Zoom. Almost 300 students signed up for the course this spring semester.

Students write reflection papers, keep journals, give oral presentations, produce a final paper and get graded on class participation. They discuss assigned readings and watch a lot of films and film clips and alcohol commercials; they see videos of TED talks and other speakers discussing the alcohol industry, the billions of dollars spent on advertising aimed at college students, the damage that alcohol inflicts on their bodies and their brains; they learn exactly what various media do to make drinking the toxic ethanol so appealing…<Read more about the class>” (Notre Dame Magazine, Spring 2022)

Student Quotes

“One of the best and most thought provoking classes I have taken at Notre Dame. “

“My perception of alcohol has changed forever due to this class.”

“This course has changed the way I see everything.”

“Instead of alcohol edu, people should have to take this class.”

“I will carry what I’ve learned in this class with me for the rest of my life.”

“Because of this class, I am seriously considering cutting alcohol from my life forever.”

“I have done more self-reflection and discernment about my life because of this course than I ever have before.”

“As a result of this class, I decided to be sober for the last month of this semester. I have not stopped going out, but I have stopped drinking at these functions.”

“Taking this class has solidified my decision to not drink for the rest of my life and made me more confident in my ability to not be peer pressured into drinking in the future.”

“I think that this should be a required class for all students at all universities. Hopefully this class can be taught at other schools so that more eyes can be opened like mine were.”

A Penny For My Thoughts by Kiera Russo (’23)

Drunk on Film: A Must Take Course by Holly O’Brien (’23)

NY Times Best Selling author Holly Whitaker visited Notre Dame and the Drunk on Film course. She wrote about the class and her visit HERE.