Virtual Workshop for Educators

DRUNK ON FILM: A Virtual Workshop For Educators
Part One: Saturday Feb 11, 2023 9am-12:30pm ET
Part Two: Saturday Feb 18, 2023 9am-12:30pm ET


Ted Mandell, Associate Teaching Professor, Dept. of Film, Television, and Theatre
Anré Venter, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dept. of Psychology

Who Are You and Why Do You Drink (or not drink)? That is the question we pose to our undergraduate students at the University of Notre Dame in the course “Drunk on Film: The Psychology of Storytelling with Alcohol and Its Effects on Alcohol Consumption”. This two-part live workshop (via Zoom) takes you through the semester-long curriculum used to challenge the binge drinking culture found on college campuses and in high schools around the country. We will deconstruct the story of alcohol as presented in advertising, film, and social media, and show you how students in the course re-evaluate their relationship to alcohol. The goal of this workshop is to provide college and high school educators with pedagogical strategies to use on their own campuses.

Alcohol Use Disorder is a chronic relapsing brain disease. But when presented on screen, it’s entertainment. Why do we laugh, why do we cry, why do we emulate fictional characters whose drinking habits result in a life of debilitating addiction? From James Bond to Jonah Hill, the psychology and seduction of alcohol on film, in advertising, and online will be analyzed. We’ll also look at non-fiction films that tackle issues of addiction, as a way of comparing character development in Hollywood films to the results of this same behavior in everyday life. Furthermore, what is the relationship between alcohol use/abuse as presented on screen and the manner in which alcohol is used and abused on, for example, college campuses?  Has binge drinking been normalized in film narratives? Does this affect adolescent expectations of alcohol consumption?

Learning Goals

• Understand the manner in which alcohol consumption and abuse is presented in film, advertising, and social media
• Recognize the visual storytelling techniques used to portray alcohol use on screen
• Discover how these presentations shape the attitudes and behaviors of students
• Learn the psychological processes underlying the influence that these presentations have on attitudes and behavior

Who Should Participate?

• Teachers and Faculty (College, K-12)
• School Administrators
• Principals and school leaders
• Parents

This is a Live Two-Part Workshop on Zoom

Part One: Saturday Feb 11, 9am-12:30pm ET
Part Two: Saturday Feb 18, 9am-12:30pm ET

K-12 teachers who complete the workshop will receive a certificate verifying seven contact hours of professional development. (Professional Growth Points in the state of Indiana).