Another Platform Going Mobile

Within the past few years it seems many things have been making mobile platforms (banking, medicine, etc.). While game apps have been popular over the years since the inception of the smart phone, it seems traditional games are also going mobile as Nintendo announced a partnership with DeNA to develop games for smart devices.

I think this example continues to demonstrate how much of an impact smart devices have had in “disrupting” innovation. I think it will continue to be increasingly important for entrepreneurs to consider what their mobile strategy will be when developing any business plan.

Robin Thicke’s got to give it up …

… millions in copyright royalties, that is.  (Sorry – couldn’t resist!)

These two articles discuss the recent decision by a Los Angeles jury that found Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” unintentionally plagiarized Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.”

In the Chicago Tribune article, the author provides a cursory overview of the evolution of IP protection in the US and believes that the case turned on one key issue: Is the point to protect the moral rights of the original author or to maximize socially valuable artistic production? The Author argues that artistic production is more important and such decisions as these will inhibit artistic creation.  

This article is on the Room for Debate section of the NY Times and has contributions from multiple authors with varying perspectives.

Online Piracy Stats

These are just some numbers for online piracy that I came across.  Although most of the stats are from 2010, they still provide some context.