Average Employees

Here is an interesting article about handling average employees. This article addresses something that we often don’t think about. I think that high level management often thinks about poorly-performing employees and exceptionally-performing employees, but rarely thinks about those in the middle. This article outlines ways to identify these so-called “average” employees, and then offers a solution, which is to transition them out of the company. (See Article). Although I do not think that is always the right answer, and so I do not really support the article’s ultimate conclusion, I do think that identifying these employees and offering them opportunities for growth could be a valid and helpful business strategy.

Starting Your Journey–“The Perfect Time Never Happens”

This is an article about “Three Brutally Honest Lessons About Entrepreneurship.” Although I thought that all three of the lessons were valuable–“Get started;” “Success is about the journey, not how rich you get;” and “Don’t avoid failure-embrace it”– I found the first lesson to resonate the most with me. (See Article). The first lesson is to “get started:” the author notes that people often “wait for the perfect time” to start something. Id. However, “the perfect time never happens.” Id. I think this is absolutely true. So many get entranced with waiting for the perfect time, and then they end up never starting, or starting after a long delay and much wasted time. Sometimes, you just have to dive in and get going.