Spring 2023

ECON 73010 is designed to facilitate students’ transition from coursework to dissertation research. The class will help students to identify and narrow down potential dissertation topics. The principal deliverable will be a detailed outline and research plan for the upcoming summer as students begin work on their required third year papers. Additional topics related to professionalization will be covered. These include journals, professional conferences, writing referee reports, preparing research presentations for a variety of different formats, and tips for maximal teaching effectiveness.

Syllabus: pdf


  • Overview: pdf
  • Being a grad student: pdf
  • Writing economics part one: pdf
  • Writing economics part two: pdf
  • Presentations: pdf
  • Publication process: pdf
  • Referee reports: pdf
  • Journals, conferences, and grants: pdf
  • Teaching: pdf
  • Job market: pdf
  • Mental health and well-being: pdf