Matlab and Dynare Codes

This page provides Matlab and Dynare files for a few different DSGE papers/models. Typically, I have an “execution” .m file that sets parameters, plots IRFs, and computes moments. This execution file calls the Dynare .mod file. Please note: all links here are to pdf versions of the .m and .mod files (the Dynare files are saved as “_mod.pdf” — replace the “_” with a “.” and save as a “.mod” file). Anyone may use these files with proper acknowledgment. I make no guarantees that the codes are error free.

  • Carlstrom and Fuerst (1997, AER):
  • Kiyotaki and Moore (1997, JPE):
  • Bernanke, Gertler, and Gilchrist (1999, Handbook of Macroeconomics):
  • Iacoviello (2005, AER):
  • Jermann and Quadrini (2012, AER):
  • Schmitt-Grohe and Uribe (2012, Econometrica)
  • Carlstrom, Fuerst, and Paustian (2017, AEJ: Macro):
  • Sims and Wu (2020, JME):
    • Execution: basezlbzlb w/ endogenous QE
    • Dynare: basezlbzlb w/ endogenous QE
      • I flipped the definitions of auxiliary multipliers M1 and M2 relative to what is in the paper.
      • One must use the occbin toolkit of Guerrieri and Iacoviello (2015, JME) in order to solve the ZLB parts.
  • RBC model with productivity, government spending, and labor supply preference shocks:
  • Small-scale New Keynesian model with government spending and productivity shocks:
  • Small-scale New Keynesian model with price and wage stickiness (non-linear version of model):