Nirupama Sensharma

Graduation date – May, 2021

Thesis Topic – Wobbling motion in nuclei: Transverse, Longitudinal and Chiral

Kevin B. Howard

Graduation date – August, 2020

Thesis Topic – Structure effects on the giant monopole resonance and determinations of the nuclear incompressibility

James T. Matta

Graduation date – May, 2015

Thesis Topic – Exotic Nuclear Excitations: The Transverse Wobbling Mode in 135Pr

Darshana Patel

Graduation date – January, 2015

Thesis Topic – Study of Isoscalar giant monopole resonance to explore the role of symmetry energy in Nuclear Incompressibility in the open-shell nuclei and its future prospects

Akaa D. Ayangeakaa

Graduation date – August, 2013

Thesis Topic – Exotic modes of collective nuclear excitations – Nuclear Tidal Waves and Nuclear Chirality

Tao Li

Graduation date – May, 2008

Thesis Topic – Isotopic dependence of giant resonances in the Even-A 112-124Sn isotopes and the asymmetry term in Nuclear Incompressibility

Xiaofeng Wang

Graduation date – January, 2008

Thesis Topic – Exotic Collective Excitations at High Spin: Triaxial Rotation and Octupole Condensation

Shaofei Zhu

Graduation date – May, 2004

Thesis Topic – Exotic rotation in weakly deformed and Triaxial nuclei