Graduate Students

1. Joseph Arroyo


University of Notre Dame 2018 – Present

B.S. Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology (2018)

B.S. Astrophysics, Illinois Institute of Technology (2018)

Current Research:

Joseph is analyzing 6Li impinging on 90Zr data taken at the Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP) at Osaka University in an attempt to extract the strength distribution of the Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonance (ISGMR) excited from this reaction. This is being performed to arrive at the strength distribution and energy of the ISGMR using 6Li as a probe. If 6Li performs well as a probe, it could be used to measure the ISGMR of unstable isotopes through inverse kinematics.


Joseph was awarded the Dean’s Fellowship upon admission to the University of Notre Dame. This is a highly competitive fellowship which recognizes approximately fifteen entering doctoral and master’s students for their outstanding performance in undergraduate studies and notable promise in graduate studies and professional life.