AY 2011-2012

Session 1

9/6/2011, 5.00 pm (715 Hesburgh)

Topic: Material Culture


Thomas Hall (English, ND): “What to Make of the Alfred Jewel”

Richard Oosterhoff (History and Philosophy of Science, ND): “A Marvelously- Wrought Ring and the Rise of Paper Instruments: The Material Culture of Renaissance Astronomy”

Session 2

10/4/2011, 5 pm (715 Hesburgh)

Topic: Late Antique and Medieval Sermons


Hildegund Müller (Classics, Notre Dame): “How to Read an Augustinian Sermon: open questions, and some answers”

Ben Reinhard (Medieval Institute, Notre Dame): “Wulfstan and the Widows”

Session 3

11/8/2011, 5.00 pm (715 Hesburgh)

Topic: Minority Religion and Language in Medieval Iberia


Ryan Szpiech (Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Michigan): “The Aura of an Alphabet: Interpreting the Hebrew Gospels in Ramon Martí’s Dagger of Faith (1278)”

Belen Vicens-Saiz (History, ND): “Swearing by God: Muslim oath-taking in late medieval Christian Iberia”

Session 4

11/29/2011, 5 pm (715 Hesburgh)

Topic: Image, Work, Text


Aden Kumler (Department of Art History, University of Chicago): “Afterimages: why medievalists might want to reclaim the artwork (now)”

Sarah Baechle (English, ND): “Rethinking Reading, or: What the Manuscripts Tell Us about the Boundaries of Literary Criticism”

Session 5

01/24/2012, 5pm (715 Hesburgh)

Topic: Art, Italy, and the East


Olivia Remie Constable (History, ND): “Gentile Bellini, Venice, and A Late Medieval European Vision of Egypt”

Brandon Cook (Medieval Institute, ND): “Mosaics of Holy Women in the Cappella Palatina”

Session 6

02/21/2012, 5pm (715 Hesburgh)

Topic: Issues of Interpretation


Ann Astell (Theology, ND): “The Psalms as ‘Full of Grace’: Mariological Interpretations of the Psalter”

Hannah Matis (Medieval Institute, ND): “Writing a Song for Solomon: Exegesis of the Song of Songs for Caroloingian Kings”

Session 7

3/27/2012, 5 pm (715 Hesburgh)

Topic: Medieval Infancy Gospels


Maureen B. M. Boulton (Romance Literatures and Languages, ND): “Text and Image in Medieval French Infancy Gospels”

Danielle Joyner (Art, Art History, and Design, ND): “Dancing in the Dark – An Art Historical Two-Step”

Anna Siebach Larsen (Medieval Institute, ND): “Text, image, and the boundaries of interdisciplinarity”

Session 8

04/19/2012 (715 Hesburgh)

Topic: Place and History


David Wallace (English, Penn): Place and History: “Literature in Europe, 1348-1418”

Andrew Irving (Medieval Institute, ND): “Books in Space: Spatial Contexts and the Gospel Books of Montecassino”