AY 2012-2013

Session 1 (August 29, 6 pm):

Margot Fassler (ND, Theology): “St. Dunstan: a Cat with Many Lives”

Lauren Whitnah (ND, Medieval Studies): “The Veneration of Saint Oswald in Post-Conquest Northumbria”

Session 2 (October 3, 6 pm):

Martin Bloomer (ND, Classics): “Aesop for Sale”

Amanda Weppler (ND, Medieval Studies): “Dante and the Access of Statius”

Session 3 (October 29, 6 pm):

Christina Normore(Northwestern University, Art History): “Simulating Simians at the Valois Court of Burgundy”

Caroline Wilky (ND, History): “Hawks, Doves, and Crocodiles: Nature and the Justification of the Eastern Crusades”

Session 4 (November 28, 6 pm):

Lucy Pick (University of Chicago, Divinity School and History): “From Visigoths to Asturians: Epigraphy, Historiography, and Matriliny”

Bretton Rodriguez (ND, PhD in Literature): “Legitimizing the ‘Bastard of Spain’: Enrique II in Pero López de Ayala’s Crónica del rey don Pedro”

Session 5 (January 31, 5 pm):

“Speaking in Other Tongues: Gender and Voice in Ancient and Medieval Christian Literature”

Virginia Burrus (Drew University, Early Church History)

Katie Bugyis (ND, Medieval Institute)

Session 6 (February 21, 5 pm):

“Working with Gregory: Methodological Reflections on Encountering a Great Figure from the Past”

Vittorio Montemaggi (ND, Romance Languages and Literatures, Theology)

Hailey LaVoy (ND, Medieval Institute)

Session 7 (March 25, 5 pm):

“The Monstrous Other”

Dayle Seidenspinner-Núñez (ND, Romance Languages and Literatures): “The Converso as Monster: Reading the Libro del Alboraique

Mae Kilker (ND, Medieval Studies): “An Aglæca’s Rights: Grendel’s Monstrous Mother and Bodily Vengeance in Anglo-Saxon Law”

Session 8 (April 22, 5pm):

Michael Shank (UWisconsin-Madison, History of Science): “Seeing, Seeing As, and Representing: The Pseudo-Annular Eclipse sighted near Vienna on 17 June 1433”

Brian Long (ND, Medieval Institute): “Ways of Seeing: Intellectual and Cultural Perspectives in the Cross-Cultural History of Science”