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Joseph 2Joseph Handen

Joseph Handen is a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame du Lac in the Master of Science in Patent Law program. He is working on two separate capstone projects with faculty inventors, helping take their inventions through the process of searching through the prior art, to eventually drafting a patent application.  The first project, “photothermal dye,” involves a synthetic dye which generates heat when illuminated by a specific wavelength of light.  The second project, “anesthesia manifold for equal delivery and scavenging of isofluorane to mice and rats,” involves a delivery system for a gaseous anesthetic to be used on small animals.

Joseph’s technical experience includes biochemistry, chemistry, chromatography, computational chemistry, materials science, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and polymer chemistry. Mr. Handen has written and received a one year pilot research grant from the RNA Institute, as well as successfully obtaining its one year extension to study the dissociation thermodynamics of small RNA duplex by deep UV resonance Raman spectroscopy.

He has a BS in Chemistry and an MS in Analytical Chemistry from the University at Albany, SUNY.

Mr.  Handen hopes to return to his home state of New York and practice as a patent agent in a law firm there.

Publications UV Resonance Raman Investigations of Peptide and Protein Structure and Dynamics. Sulayman A. Oladepo, Kan Xiong, Zhenmin Hong, Sanford A. Asher, Joseph Handen, and Igor K. Lednev. Chemical  Reviews 2012 112 (5), 2604-2628

Joseph D. Handen, Kimberly A. Harris, Paul F. Agris, and Igor K. Lednev. Applications of UV Resonance Spectroscopy in Structural Characterization of RNA-Protein Interactions; RNA Science and Its Applications (Poster presentation), The RNA Institute, Albany, NY (2011)

Memberships American Chemical Society Phi Beta Kappa Society

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