Biofilm Control with low-frequency ultrasound

LFU in conjunction with antibiotics lead to a “bioacoustic effect”, a synergism between both treatments that enhances killing of biofilm cells in the deeper regions.

Understanding the mechanisms can lead to efficient strategies to treat health related biofilms, i.e. cystic fibrosis infections

Effect of LFU in Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms

LFU is believed to decrease antibiotic resistance. A possible mechanism might be related with ultrasound negatively affecting efflux pump activities, one of the main mechanisms of antibiotic resistance.

Low-frequency ultrasound and diffusivity

One of the possible mechanisms that can lead to a synergistic effects between LFU and antimicrobials is the increased in mass transfer. We are currently studying the effects of LFU in diffusion coefficients in several types of biofilms.