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The final  and most recent of the seven remarkable women was Jasmine. Unlike every other clan, the descendents of Jasmine came from a long like of farmers. This is also the clan from which Sykes’ opponents had (partially) incorrectly claimed had overrun Europe. Sykes imagines Jasmine’s band having developed one of the first systems of agriculture, which, one thousand years after Jasmine, has spread all over eastern Europe. Today, just under 17 percent of modern Europeans are direct maternal descendents of Jasmine.

Time Period: 10,000 years ago

Band Type: Farmers

Climate: Much warmer—with the Great Ice Age officially over, temperatures rapidly climbed towards present-day levels

Ancient Location: Syria, along the Euphrates River

Modern Location: Unlike the other clans, descendents of Jasmine are not evenly dispersed across Europe. Descendents of Jasmine are found along the Mediterranean coast from Spain to Portugal, western Britain, Whaleys, western Scotland, and throughout northern Europe