Conference Venue

Jan. 26, 2014; Rome Centre, Via Ostilia, Rome

The entrance to the Rome Global Gateway is in Via Ostilia 15, in the Rione Celio (Caelian neighborhood), on the slopes of the Caelian hill, overlooking the Palatine, Aventine, and Esquiline hills. The newly restored building, which dates back to the turn of the 20th  century, is painted the warm yellow ochre typical of Rome’s center. Its windows open onto Via Ostilia and two side roads, Via dei S.S. Quattro and Via Capo d’Africa.

Modern life flows around the Gateway alongside 4th- and 5th-century churches, with their 1600s and 1700s façades—all examples of the centuries-old stratification of Roman history. The site is in the heart of Rome, enclosed and served by large thoroughfares such as Via Labicana, Via Celio Vibenna, Via dell’Amba Aradam, Piazza di Porta San Giovanni, Via Merulana and Via Emanuele Filiberto. Beneath here run the two lines of the subway, with a third under construction. Still, the area around the Gateway itself is an oasis of peace and quiet, with narrow streets where the traffic of cars is very limited. The surrounding neighborhood is lively, and mainly inhabited by Romans (by birth and adoption). While there are a number of hotels in this strategic and beautiful location, the area is not populated by hordes of tourists like other central Roman neighborhoods

For the location of the venue and hotel, please refer to the Conference Venues Map.