PalEON at AGU 2011

Please stop by the PalEON-sponsored poster session “(B21D) Millennial-Scale Ecosystem Dynamics: a Synthesis of Models and Paleoecological Data”Tuesday morning at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (Dec 5-9)!

PalEON project posters include:

B21D-0275. Last millennia terrestrial ecosystem model intercomparison: challenges and goals Bjorn-Gustaf Brooks; Michael C. Dietze; Jason S. McLachlan

B21D-0276. Using historical data to constrain long term carbon dynamics in land surface models: processes and data. David J. Moore; Michael C. Dietze; Daniel M. Ricciuto; Andrew D. Richardson; Rob Braswell

B21D-0278. Statistical Models for Inferring Vegetation Composition from Fossil Pollen Chris Paciorek; Jason S. McLachlan; Zuofeng Shang

B21D-0279. Sedimentation rates in eastern North America reveal strong links between regional climate, depositional environments, and sediment accumulation Simon J. Goring; Jason S. McLachlan; Stephen T. Jackson; Maarten Blaauw; J. Andrés Christen; Jenn Marlon; Jessica Blois; John W. Williams

B21D-0285. Using settlement vegetation data for paleoclimate and carbon modeling: Preliminary results of the PalEON project. Simon J. Goring; Jason S. McLachlan; Jack W. Williams; Stephen T. Jackson; Bjorn-Gustaf Brooks; David R. Foster; Chris Paciorek; David J. Mladenoff; Sydne Record; Andy Finley; Jonathan Thompson; Michael C. Dietze

Thank you also to all of our great friends and colleagues who are participating in the PalEON session! The success of this session really highlights the important work, and growing interest, in the community to synthesize paleo data and make it relevant to climate change modeling.