PalEON at the 2017 Ecological Society of America Meeting

Going to Portland this year?  Check out the PalEONistas who are presenting this year!

PalEON PresenterDateTimeSessionTitle
Simon Goring (session organizer)Monday, August 710:15am-11:30amSS 7Standing on the Shoulders of Clients: Evolving Cyberinfrastructure in the Ecological Sciences
Megan SeeleyTuesday, August 84:30pmPS 26-137Environmental and historical controls on  Fagus grandifolia  settlement-era distributions in the upper Midwest 
Jack WilliamsTuesday, August 84:20pmOOS 14-9Macroecological insights from community-curated data repositories (CCDRs) of paleoecological sites: Neotoma and PalEON
Bethany BlakelyWednesday, August 910:50amCOS 77-9Historic land use increases transpiration and reduces canopy surface temperature through persistent changes in forest composition and structure
Simon GoringWednesday, August 92:50pmCOS 104-5The neotoma database: Recent developments and future directions
Andria DawsonWednesday, August 93:40pmCOS 105-7Estimating changes in prehistoric forest composition from sediment pollen in the Upper Midwestern United States
Kelly HeilmanThursday, August 1010:30amCOS 132-8Stabilization of savanna-forest alternative states to closed forests after ~150 years of land use and climate changes
Christy RollinsonThursday, August 104:00pmCOS 158-8Forest ecosystem stability in a millennium of climate change in terrestrial ecosystem models
Istem FerFriday, August 119:00amOOS 50-4Hierarchical Bayesian calibration of a dynamic vegetation model
Ann RaihoFriday, August 119:20amOOS 50-5Assimilating tree ring and fossil pollen data to improve understanding of unobservable forest processes
Dave MooreFriday, August 119:50amOOS 50-6Combining models and data to understand vegetation function across timescales
Malcolm ItterFriday, August 1110:50amOOS 50-9Assimilation of tree-ring and repeat census data to model interactions between climate and past forest dynamics